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What's New at Stonefox!

This page will keep you up to date on new releases, sales, and what's in the Member's Area!

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Stonefox Productions is pleased to announce the release of "Dr. Fish Jr. and Nurse Sabrina"

Stonefox Productions is pleased to announce the release of Piper's Pelvic Concerns, in Hi-res, DVD, and Blu-ray formats.

Stonefox Productions is pleased to announce the release of "Head of Household: Marriage"

Stonefox Productions is pleased to announce the release of Head of Household: Marriage, in Hi-res, DVD, and Blu-ray formats.

Denise Rowe's Physical Exam in Hi-res format!

Jeremy in Hi-res format!

Stonefox Productions is pleased to announce a new partnership with Explore Spanking. Under the Stonefox Theater and the Product Catalog you will find very interesting downloads of interviews of people who were spanked growing up. These inexpensive downloads will captivate you. You can also download all six interviews for only $14.99 or buy the DVD with all six interviews for $24.99. Now you can also download all the Explore Spanking videos.  These are short videos at very inexpensive prices featuring just spanking.

Check out Haley's Interview from Explore Spanking!

From Haley's Interview.

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Members' Area

Updated 22 August 2015

Our Member's Area contains 6 great video segments. These are complete scenes that are as long as 15 or more minutes! We will rotate six new segments in each week! The price of a one week membership is $11.95. Our one month non-recurring membership is $19.97.

You do not have to be a member to purchase downloads or DVDs, but members get a 10% discount on purchases of downloads and DVDs! You also have the option to play them on your Apple product!

N.B. We will be updating our members' area one day later (on Sunday) next weekend.

This week's features are:

Alexa's Spanking!

Michelle's Back-to-School Enema!


Cheerleader Anika's Rectal Temperature, Suppository and Shot!

Tori has her Temperature Taken Rectally, then a Bulb Syringe Enema!

Dr. Drake gives Stephanie a Pelvic and Rectal Exam!

Anna is given an enema with the inflatable balloon retention nozzle!

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We are pleased to announce that we are distributors for Grant's Nozzles. These great nozzles are a must for the true enema collector. 

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